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Who We Serve

Our main focus is serving current and former educators of the California public school system. We do help non-educators on a case by case basis. If you aren't an educator but feel like Blue Oaks could be a good fit for you, start a conversation with us here.  

There are a few reasons we help educators:

  • While PERS & STRS are good retirement platforms, they don't give advice, nor help with anything outside of what they provide.
  • Ryan's past experience allowed him to work one on one with hundreds of educators while part of the CVT (California's Valued Trust) platform. He also delivered on-site and virtual financial presentations to several school sites through CVT.
  • The typical 403(b) choices are too vast to navigate and people need guidance. Plus there are major pitfalls one could easily fall into with 403(b)'s.
  • Ryan is married to a teacher and has first hand knowledge of the retirement system from a teacher's perspective. Through many conversations with his wife and her fellow coworkers, he realized educators are too often overlooked or ill-advised when it comes to financial matters.

Divider Line

We specialize in providing guidance on:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Traditional, Roth, & After-Tax 401(k) & 403(b) Accounts
  • Traditional, Roth & After-Tax IRA Accounts
  • Defined Benefit Plans (Pensions)
  • Taxable Accounts (Individual, Joint, & Trusts)
  • Real Estate Equity
  • Lump Sum Payments (Severance, bonus, inheritance, etc)
  • Debt Elimination

We provide custom-built financial strategies, paired with personalized service, while held to an elevated standard of ethical conduct. We are here to help you bring your goals to life through wise investing and consulting. We'll help you plan for and transition into retirement through one of our service offerings.