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Our Strategy

We focus on growing your money, and more specifically growing the income from your investments. Though your income has likely increased throughout your career, your expenses have also increased along the way due to inflation. When expenses rise, income needs to grow, too. We invest your money so you can enjoy a long, worry-free retirement.

Our Standards 

  • First and foremost, we consciously choose to be and act as a fiduciary with all our clients. 
  • We use low-cost investment vehicles as our first choice to build custom portfolios. As well as one simple fee structure so clients know what they're paying, and we do better when our clients do better.
  • We believe people benefit the most from someone who can help them stay on the path toward their goals  - -  a behavioral counselor. No product you buy, hot stock that increases, or amount of cash in the bank can outlast the consistency of a professional guide that helps you over time. 
  • We keep things simple. We keep in mind that most people do not like jargon or the complexities of investments, the markets, economics, and the related fields that boil down to your personal finances. We try to always keep things simple for our clients because they are the ultimate decision makers. Our job is to help you make informed decisions and keeping things simple helps us do that.
  • We keep our clients informed. We do a lot of work behind the scenes and make sure to communicate regularly.
  • We always have a goal to aim an investment at. We call it goal-based investing, and it helps keep everyone on the same page. It is especially helpful when the markets get volatile over short periods of time. The goals we aim for are always farther out than any large market volatility will last, so being able to go back to the reason why you're investing in the first place can help add some much needed perspective when times get tough.
  • Whenever possible when managing assets for clients, we create enough income from the portfolio to pay for the fee we charge. This is still a reduction on overall performance but we attempt to avoid the situation of having to sell securities in order to pay our fee.