Fiduciary Oath

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Financial Consulting

We offer access to a financial professional who is well-versed in problem-solving and can either help to work through your financial issues or answer financial questions you have. Either way, our goal is to leave you with the ability to make more informed decisions. Purchase a package or pay for a single hour to get started.

All of our packages are designed to work through financial decisions or problems you face:

Foundational Package

Get clarity on a specific financial question, such as:

  • Which investments should I choose inside my retirement accounts?
  • I’m maxing out my retirement accounts. What should I do next?
  • I just inherited some money. What should I do with it?
  • I’m self-employed. How can I save for retirement?

Focused Package

Implement financial change within a specific area of your life.

  • Create a realistic budget
  • Improve credit report and scores
  • Create a debt reduction plan
  • Create a retirement plan

Full-Scale Package

Get a comprehensive overview and alignment of your finances to your goals.

  • Comprehensive financial plan - -  you share your information, and we'll create the roadmap to your goals. 

What's Included?

1. An initial discussion with a fiduciary financial advisor to understand what's on your mind and how we might be able to help.

2. Phone or web conference session(s) (more sessions for larger packages) for us to gather all the details of your situation that we'll need to begin our work.

3. Our research time. We roll up our sleeves and do the necessary planning, research, or strategizing to come up with solutions for you. 

4. Summary of unbiased, easy-to-understand recommendations via email.

5. Recommendations that are customized for you with no product sales or commissions involved. We are fee-only fiduciaries.

Package TypeObjectiveFee
FoundationalGet clarity on a specific financial question. Typically completed within a week or two.$300
FocusedImplement financial change within a specific area of your life. Typically completed within 3 months. $750
Full-ScaleComprehensive overview and alignment of your finances to your goals. Typically completed within 6 months.$1,200

We use client-friendly, safe, and efficient technology for our consultations:

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 If any of our services and price structures fit your needs and budget, we would love to speak with you. Let's get in touch: 


While we would love to help everyone, we have very intentionally limited the number of clients we serve so that each client gets the personalized attention they deserve and we don't have to sacrifice service. If you feel you are not a fit for the criteria above, we would be happy to help you find someone better suited for your needs. Please call or email us to discuss further.