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Is Your Current Financial Plan Making the Grade? Thumbnail

Is Your Current Financial Plan Making the Grade?

By: Ryan Burgess - Founder & Financial Planner

 Between high commission products, sleazy salespeople, and the blurry ways some advisors make money off you, it can be difficult to know what makes a good financial advisor. It's hard to know whether financial planners are helping you or benefitting themselves. Not to mention the fact that financial planning can be confusing, even for highly intelligent people, such that it’s often easier to hold your breath and hope for the best. 

Successful Financial Advisor Strategies

Successful financial advisor strategies should have clients' interests and goals as the top priority. The financial service profession has more work to do before it can be seen as unselfish. High commissions, a salesmanship-first approach, and hidden agendas have tainted the industry for too long. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. As a client, you should know what makes a good financial advisor and the value of healthy client communication. 

Take a look at Kate. Kate teaches at an elementary school, has a master’s degree, and wants to apply her talent and energy to teaching, not managing her financial life. And yet, her financial life includes her life savings and how she will live in retirement.

This is an important decision, and the stakes are high with outcomes like retirement and the amount of money in her accounts. If she works with someone with a selfish agenda, it could mean a big setback for Kate’s finances. 

How to Talk to A Client Effectively

Financial advisors who are focused on their clients understand that communication is the key to building trust and lasting relationships. At the heart of a strong client communication strategy is transparency. Kate often gets unsolicited emails from so-called financial professionals on her district's 403(b) platform. Many of these financial professionals end up being the unsavory types that could hurt Kate.

Many retirement plan providers or third-party administrators can’t offer financial advice or investment guidance due to liability and licensing requirements. Yet, this is the very help that Kate may need most to understand her financial picture and make wise choices.

The way the industry works, the chips are stacked against her so the big firms can fatten their wallets by taking advantage of her. It’s just plain wrong.

I started Blue Oaks Financial for the sole purpose of working honestly and transparently with clients to understand their goals, and obstacles, and to figure out what can be done to help them accomplish milestones such as retirement, debt elimination, or estate planning. We exist to genuinely help people, charge a fair and transparent fee for the service we provide, and we’ve positioned ourselves to only grow when our clients grow.

Financial Planning Based on Your Goals

To avoid the trap that so many financial professionals fall into, I’ve designed Blue Oaks Financial to be consulting-based, not commission-based. I have spent years on the California’s Valued Trust (CVT) platform helping hundreds of teachers and thousands of others through one-on-one consultations and group education.

Our service makes getting on the right path to retirement a no-brainer. Our clients are enabled to make more informed decisions and get guidance where it really counts.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to do the best they can with the money they have. With Blue Oaks, you can feel confident that our advice is aimed at achieving your goals. Talk with us to get a quick, no-obligation assessment of your financial path.

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