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Helping California’s educators retire with confidence

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Planning for retirement shouldn’t be overwhelming.

You’ve worked hard as an educator, done all the right things, saved and invested wisely. Now, it’s time to look ahead towards the best years of your life, retirement.

Blue Oaks Financial helps educators in California create a strategy for the goals and priorities that are important to you.

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With a clear plan in hand, you can make the decisions that allow you to take control of your financial destiny.

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The Educator's Guide to Retirement

Download the Ultimate Guide for navigating the complexities of retirement as a California educator.

Take control of your financial future.

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Educators Deserve To Retire Well.


At Blue Oaks Financial, we know how hard educators work to empower those they come in contact with every day.

Don't miss out on all that is available to you.

You deserve to live your retirement dream.


Financial Consulting

Overwhelmed by financial jargon? Tired of questionable advice from friends and family? We offer consultations so you have easy access to professional financial advice.

For educators in the state of California, there are numerous resources available to you and scenarios that specifically impact your retirement planning.

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Ongoing Investment Management

If you have saved well over your career and are in or nearing retirement, we can help you manage your finances to create a sustainable retirement lifestyle.

We manage portfolios with your specific goals in mind while focusing on a plan that we can follow through retirement.

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"Blue Oaks Financial was fantastic. In a short timeframe, they were able to demonstrate the value of our retirement benefits and have shown us how to leverage them more in the future."

Chris Meyers | Roseville, California

"Ryan was able to guide my wife and I through the ins and outs of building a diverse retirement portfolio. We really appreciate him and his ability to break down complexities of our financial plan and make them easily accessible us."

Mark Perrin | San Jose, California


"Ryan helped me begin planning for retirement. He helped me project a baseline income goal and also gave suggestions for amounts I should have in savings and IRAs. Knowing my retirement options gives me the confidence to know how to reach my financial goals."

Robyn Boydston | Rocklin, California

Work with someone who understands you and always puts your interests first.

Working with educators is important to me because my wife is also an educator! I know exactly what you are going through and understand why it’s so important to have a plan for your financial future.

Over the last few years, I have helped hundreds of educators create a plan to take control of their money, so they can live their retirement dream.

I want to do the same for you. You deserve to work with someone on your side, understands your situation, and works in your best interest.

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 Make better decisions when it comes to your money

It’s time to look ahead towards the best years of your life, retirement. But if you aren’t prepared for retirement, it can be anything but wonderful.

• What if you run out of money?

• Are you going to have to work until you’re 80?

• How much do you actually need to retire?

• And what if you overlooked details that can derail the whole thing?

We don’t want you to struggle with these questions. Blue Oaks Financial has helped hundreds of California educators gain clarity around their unique situations and utilize every opportunity available.                


Get your Free Financial Progress Report today and start to make progress for your financial future.

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